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Our Mission

1. To rescue animals in dire need


2. To provide quality veterinary care & rehabilitation


3. To stabilise the stray dog & cat population through spay/neutering programs


4. To eradicate rabies, creating a healthier environment for humans and animals


5. To provide education & adoption programmes

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Your Support Is Crucial

With no government funding the support of individuals is critical to us being able to save lives.

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Our Story
Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a UK registered charity, was founded on the vision of Kim Cooling, who after witnessing the appalling plight of animals in Sri Lanka, particularly the strays, decided to take action to help them.
After many years of self-funded rescue work which seemed like a drop in the ocean, Kim decided to form the charity Animal SOS Sri Lanka in 2007. After raising funds to purchase a plot of land and a small animal clinic in Midigama, Ahangama in the south of Sri Lanka, the charity became operational in Sri Lanka in 2009 with a few dogs and helpers.
There around 3 million street animals in Sri Lanka, many of whom suffer immensely through malnutrition, disease and horrific injuries. With a distinct lack of safe havens and veterinary care available to strays, our work and facilities are a lifeline to many otherwise doomed animals.
With a determined and dedicated group of friends and animal lovers all sharing the vision and aims of the charity, our vital mission has grown and continues to this day helping street animals in dire need.
Without Animal SOS Sri Lanka street animals have no hope of veterinary care when they become ill or injured on the roads.
Our project is a unique facility for street animals in Sri Lanka. We have a beautiful, free-roaming sanctuary for dogs and secure sanctuary for cats in the south of Sri Lanka which provides a safe-haven for sick, disabled and vulnerable strays.
We have an on-site veterinary clinic with resident local vets & are operational every day of the year providing life-saving treatment and care. We also operate neutering/rabies vaccination programmes in the local area, adoption schemes and animal welfare education.
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